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Autor: Lisa E. Schmedemann

Die Original Palmdudler

The pulse
of vision­ar­ies

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Alpha (Intro) 01 Sample
We are not friends (ft. Goku) 02 Sample
Eat your Vegetables 03 Sample
Power Level 500K 04 Sample
Battle Sirens 05 Sample
Dance on the Moon 06 Sample
Endgame (ft. Trunks) 07 Sample
Omega (Outro) 08 Sample

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Latest video

„Dance on the Moon“

Album: The Pulse of Visionaries / Director: J.J. Abrams / Release: June 12th, 2017, Goku Records

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Broly Festival, San Diego CA Dec 20 Buy Tickets
Destination Zero 2017, Seattle WA Dec 18 Buy Tickets
Zamasu XXL 2017, Denver CO Nov 16 Buy Tickets
Ka-me-ha-me-ha 2017, Miami FL Oct 26 Canceled
Frieza Festival, Austin TX Aug 04 Sold out

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Our Snapshots

  • Mike mixing

  • Tony live in London, UK

  • Mike at the Kahuna club

  • Henry and his Bass Guitar

  • Mike preparing for the show

  • Live in concert 2017

  • Tony on stage

  • At the Broly Festival

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